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Driving Assistant: Powering Hands-Free Communications

The in-car voice control solution creates a safer, more convenient and effortless way to communicate on the road.

How it works

CES 2018 Innovation Award Winner

♦ In-Vehicle Audio/Video ♦ Tech for a Better World
♦ Software and Mobile Apps ♦ Smart Home

iPhone App
  • KikaGo
    Driving Assistant

    A voice control app and a noise cancellation microphone


    KikaGo app

    The only in-car voicce controlled app that supports FB Messenger, WhatsApp and SMS.

  • KikaGO
    Smart Mic

    The World’s First Noise Cancellation Mic built into the Charging Cable.
    Hands-free, with no extra mic or speaker needed.

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Voice Control App

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    Voice Command Navigation

    Start your navigation instantly and change your destination anytime without touching your phone.

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    Listen and Answer Messages

    The only voice-control app that can send and reply Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS.

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    Answer and Make calls

    Answer and make phone calls by voice control, for easier and safer communication.


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    State-of-the-art Noise Cancellation

    Powered by deep learning, KikaGo noise cancellation technologies ensure robust recognition performance, resisting up to 90 db environmental noise.

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    Industry-leading Voice Recognition

    KikaGo delivers unprecedented speed and accuracy voice recognition engine that is tuned to support various application scenarios.

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    Natural Language Understanding

    Premier solution for speaker intent recognition, smart auto-correction, auto-punctuation and emoji suggestion.

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    Powered by Kika AI

    KikaGo leverages the Kika's cutting-edge AI engine. Incorporating deep learning, voice recognition and natural language processing, Kika's vision is to connect much more efficiently, engaging in meaningful conversations.


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